• Roof Cleaning

    We remove organic material from asphalt shingles that cause black and green streaks.

  • Improve your homes exterior with a clean roof

  • Roof Cleaning Services

    Standard Services

    1. We move all items away from roofline, cover decks with a tarp and spray vegetation with water.
    2. A solution containing bleach with a surfactant is applied to the roof.
    3. After the solutions kills the moss and mold on the roof, it is hosed off with water.
    4. Vegetation is sprayed again, and tarps are removed.

    Exclusions (for safety of property and crew)

    1. We do not clean cedar shake roofs.
    2. We may cancel and reschedule your outside service due to weather conditions:
      • High winds – ladders are unsafe for crews and can blow onto your home.
      • Rain – makes roofs and ladders slippery and unsafe for crew
    3. Safety of your property and our crews are a top priority. Crews will not clean any areas they consider to be inaccessible, unsafe or likely to be damaged by the washing. You will not be charged for these exclusions.
    4. We reserve the right to not clean surfaces that are damaged or not in good repair.

    Preparing for Service

    1. Customer is not required to be home at the time of service.
    2. A water spigot must be activated and accessible.
    3. Please have all windows and doors shut tightly and all pets inside of your home.
    4. Clear the work areas of all items and remove all flags, doormats, vehicles, or sensitive materials from the areas being washed. For decks, please remove furniture, décor, grills, etc.
  • FAQs

    FAQs specific to roof cleaning

    What causes the black streaks on my roof?

    They are caused by Gloeocapsa Magma, the blue / green algae that thrives on many asphalt roofs. While those black streaks appear harmless, they can lead to significant, and expensive damage to your roof.

    Is our cleaning process safe for my roof?

    The Asphalt Roof Manufactures Association (ARMA) highly recommends regular cleaning and maintenance of your roof. Dixon’s follows manufacturers' recommendations by applying a special, safe mixture containing bleach and then quickly rinsing the roof thoroughly with a low-pressure garden hose. Never with a power washer. The most important question to ask a contractor is whether they use a power washer to clean your roof. All roofing manufacturers and professional associations recommend that a roof cleaner should not power wash a shingle roof.

    What cleaning products do you use?

    Mostly water with some bleach and a surfactant. All vegetation is sprayed with water both before and after the cleaning to remove any chemicals. In some cases, vegetation may wilt or turn brown, but most plants will rebound in a few days from the treatment.

    What is our appointment cancellation policy?

    We require cancellation at least 2 business days before your scheduled cleaning. Short-cancels are difficult to fill and since we pay our teams even if you cancel, you will be charged a service call fee if we cannot refill your cancelled appointment time.

    How Do I Pay?

    We do not accept payment on the day of service. We will invoice you approximately one day after service. You may pay by check or credit card (phone or online).

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