• Ice Dam Removal

    Dixon's Home Services does a darn good job of removing your ice dams!

    Don't use a hammer!

    Ice Dams can cause major water damage to your home by allowing ice to back up under your shingles. When the sun strikes the ice or temperatures begin to rise, the ice begins to melt and water begins to insidiously seep into your home causing unsightly water damage and costly repairs!


    Removing ice dams with a hammer or hatchet may seriously damage the integrity of your roof shingles, gutters and siding, causing further damage to your home.


    Dixon’s Home Services is fully licensed, bonded and insured. CALL US TODAY BEFORE YOUR ICE DAM BECOMES A HOME WRECKER!

  • Stay Safe with Dixon's Ice Dam Removal!

    • Residential and commercial prevention services available.
    • Evening and weekends available.

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  • Ice Dam Removal Cost Estimate

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