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Window Cleaning in Fridley

Dixon Home Services is the exterior cleaning, tough weather fighting company that your home needs to keep it looking good every day of the year!

When harsh weather conditions hit Fridley, it’s important to maintain the upkeep not only inside your home, but outside as well. Not only does curb appeal have a huge impact on the value of your home, it can also provide you with a sense of pride for your property. Whether it be a thorough window cleaning, gutter service, or a good power wash to get rid of dirt and grime, Dixon Home Services can help keep your home looking fantastic all year round.

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Clear Windows

As professionals in the industry, Dixon Home Services pride themselves on providing not only a job well done, but excellent customer service as well. They cater to each and every customer, making sure to listen to your needs and accomplish all of their customer’s expectations. Dixon takes the time to do their window washing by hand, taking care to clean the sills and boxes as well. They’ll even clean your window screens upon request! With several options available for window cleaning, such as residential, commercial, recurring and environmentally friendly, you’ll be completely satisfied with Dixon Home Services providing all of your window cleaning needs, year round. Call or click for a quote today!

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Pressure Washing​

The outside of your home protects the interior from all types of weather, sun damage, built up dirt, grime and water stains common to the Fridley area. Often, hosing down your siding or stucco simply isn’t enough to get it clean. The leading industry professionals at Dixon Home Services use top of the line power washers to ensure a thorough cleaning is performed to the outside of your home when common tools are not enough. Give your home the look and feel of an instant makeover with a low or high pressure wash. Not only will they take care of your siding, gutters and walkways, they can also provide a good cleaning for your deck or patio. Experience that “brand new home” feel with a power wash from Dixon Home Services. You won’t be disappointed!

Anyone who lives in Fridley knows that winter is the most difficult time of the year. This is a time in which your home might undergo inevitable neglect due to tough conditions and inaccessibility. Don’t worry about keeping it up yourself, let the specialists at Dixon Home Services do it for you! Skilled in ice dam prevention and removal, they’ll ensure that the water damage that plagues your home every tough winter does not continue. If you want to improve the longevity of your home and lower repair costs on such water damage, preventing and removing ice dams are a must. Call Dixon Home Services to learn more about ice dam removal as well as ice dam prevention and save your home from winter water damage!

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Light Fixture Cleaning​

Though exterior cleaning services are their specialty, Dixon Home Services excels at the hard to clean devices within your home as well. Fixtures such as chandeliers can really shine with the right care. Bring the luminescence back to your light fixture with a cleaning from Dixon! They’ll also tackle those difficult to clean dryer vents and replace furnace filters to improve the efficiency and life of your appliances. Don’t pay more in utility bills than you have to. Let Dixon Home Services save you some extra money this year! Click below to receive a free estimate for these services.

Regardless of your needs, Dixon Home Services can provide you with free estimates on services from window cleaning to gutter coverings to power washing and more! You’ll not only receive the satisfaction of a job well done, but the added benefit of quality customer service. Dixon Home Services’ number one priority is your satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to call or click for your free, instant quote and enjoy the satisfaction of a clean home and great service!

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