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Power Washing Services North Oaks, Minnesota

Before you hire a company to power wash at your home, read this article about Dixon's

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Dixon’s Power Washing Services

Power washing is an important building maintenance task that requires the use of specialized cleaning solutions and equipment to clean a building’s exteriors. The process involves removing debris from underneath the building’s surfaces. If you are a property manager or homeowner in North Oaks, MN, consider this treatment to keep your building looking clean and reduce the frequency of repainting or resurfacing it.

Dixon’s home services are experienced cleaners who can perform power washing on different types of surfaces such as brick, stone, and aluminum. While it may seem cheaper to take on this project as a DIY, it is advisable to hire Dixon’s Home services to get the job done right the first time. Here are the reasons you should hire our professional power washing services.

Power Washing Services in North Oaks, by Minnesota


Household tasks such as gutter cleaning, power washing, and deck staining are complex projects that should be left to professionals who have the right equipment, protective gear, and expertise to get the job done. Moreover, tasks such as cleaning house siding and gutter cleaning require standing on or near the top of a ladder for extended periods of time. This increases the chances of fatigue and damaging falls.

In addition, you may find unsettling sights of vermin, bug dwellings and bird nests, when cleaning your gutter, particularly while on a ladder. It’s also dangerous to hire and use power washing equipment if you’re not conversant with it. Using a power washer without the necessary professional training can lead to severe injuries or costly property damages.


Some homeowners or property managers think that they can simply rent a power washer and hack a quick DIY project of cleaning mold, algae, and lichen off their properties without hiring a professional. While renting equipment or buying cheap materials may seem like a cheaper alternative, it could easily worsen the bacteria growth problem and put you at risk for an injury. Similarly, renting or purchasing this sophisticated equipment will be an expensive approach in the long run.

We use specialized technology and equipment for North Oaks residents​.

Our technicians will soft clean your outdoor areas and kill all harmful bacteria to achieve the desired, lasting results. We use specialized technology and equipment in tackling the problem at the root to prevent it from recurring after a few months. Remember, mold and algae can grow in hidden places and underneath surfaces such as shingles or deck surfaces.

Therefore, apart from hitting the visible mold with the high pressure, thorough cleaning and using special chemicals is necessary to kill the source of the problem. Otherwise, hitting it with high pressure will only fix the problem temporarily. It is hard to find the high-grade materials and chemicals we, at Dixon’s Home Services, use to clean moss and algae in a typical local hardware store.


While you might be tempted to ignore the power washing and gutter cleaning chores altogether or opt for a DIY, the damage of taking such actions can be devastating. If you choose not to hire Dixon’s Home Services to clean your gutters, you’ll find yourself dealing with a flooded basement, cracked walls, and mold damage issues. And, if you don’t let our experienced technicians do a power washing maintenance on your deck, you’ll end up with sagging wood, lichen and thousands of creepy splitters on your deck. Meaning, hiring a professional is a long-term solution for you and your family.

Furthermore, routine maintenance is a cheaper alternative to replacing an entire structure. Without proper gutter cleaning, the life expectancy of your roof will be reduced dramatically, and you may end up wasting a ton of money in repairs or replacements due to building up of black algae. Moss and Lichen can eat away at the limestone of the shingles and cause cracking, curling, and swelling.

Gutter Cleaning Services

Power washing and clogged gutter cleaning is an intensive process. Trying to take on the tasks alone can lead to unfinished projects and more stress. Our team uses the right equipment, materials, and expertise to handle such tasks within a day. It is time efficient and affordable to hire Dixon’s Home Services in North Oaks, MN to handle power washing and gutter cleaning and maintenance routine tasks. Call us today for a free quotation or consultation with one of our experts.

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